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Original Lamp Vs. OEM Vs. OEM Compatible for RPTV and Projector Lamps

We sell three types of RPTV and Projector Replacement Lamps: Original, OEM and OEM Compatible.

What is Original Replacement Lamp?

This is the exact same lamp that originally came with your unit. These lamps and housings are built for the manufacturer of your TV.  The lamp and the housing are 100% original. These are the highest quality lamp you can buy and therefore are usually more expensive.

Our List of Original Replacement Front Projector Lamps

Our List of Original Replacement RPTV Lamps

What is an OEM Lamp?

OEM vs Generic Projector Replacement LampsOEM stands for - Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM means the projector lamp itself is the same as the original brand in your projector or TV. Most TV brands‘ lamps are manufactured by Osram/Sylvania or Philips. The difference is that these lamps are placed in an housing manufactured by a third party.

An OEM example would be HP brand ink toner cartridges. HP contracts a company who specializes in ink to provide cartridges that are placed in HP printers. In a similar situation, Sony, Mitsubishi, Dell and other projector manufacturers do not produce their own lamps. The projector or TV brand contracts Philips and Osram/Sylvania to manufacture the lamps, which are then delivered to the projector factory and shipped with your original projector. Many of the OEMs that we offer are built by diamond lamps- a well known manufactuer in the industry.

What is an OEM Compatible Lamp?

An OEM Compatible/Equivalent lamp is an exact replica (generic) of the OEM projector lamp but manufactured by a company other than Osram or Philips. These lamps are also placed in third party constructed housing.  These type of lamps are usually the least expensive.  A popular example of equivalents are Generic Brand Ink Toner Cartridges.