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265103 RCA OEM Compatible Lamp with Housing

180 Day Warranty

  • 265103 RCA OEM Compatible Lamp with Housing
Product Details
  • About Our Lamps: These are OEM Compatible Lamps with Housing. All parts made to the exact same standards and specifications as the Original OEM lamps. Buy OEM Compatible and save $$.
  • Manufacturer: RCA
  • Replacement Lamp For: RCA 260926 RCA HD50LPW162YX4 ,HD50LPW163 RCA HD50LPW163YX3, HD50LPW163YX4 RCA HD50LPW42, HD50LPW42YX2, RCA HD50LPW42YX1 RCA HD60LPW42 RCA HD61LPW162, HD61LPW162YX3 RCA HD61LPW162YX4, HD61LPW163 RCA HD61LPW163YX3, HD61LPW163YX4 RCA HD61LPW163YX6, HD61LPW42 RCA HD61LPW42YX1, HD61LPW42YX2 RCA HD61LPW42YX5, HD61LPW42YX6 RCA HDLP50W151
  • Alternative Name: RCA 260926
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 265103
  • Warranty: 180 Day Warranty
  • please do not remove the bulb from the housing, as this will void the manufacturer's warranty
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