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Top Tips for Making Your New RPTV and Projection Lamps Last Longer

How to Extend a Projector Lamps Life

Top Tips for Making Your New DLP and Projection Lamps Last Longer

Each TV/ projector model is different, and all instructions for repairing your specific model can be found in your user manual. We strongly recommend making certain the your user manual is available if you are unfamiliar with the replacing your lamp. We know how frustrating it can be when your TV is not working properly and if you take a moment to read the following it may save you valuable time getting your TV operating again. The following guidelines should help you with a successful DLP replacement installation:
  1. If your projector or TV is cleaned of internal dust every six months and used as directed by the manufacturer you should expect a long life of your bulbs to be between one to three years.
  2. Before you order a new replacement DLP lamp please understand that color problems with your picture (e.g. a green or yellow hue), lines on the screen, and other issues not related directly to brightness are rarely lamp issues. There are many electronic and mechanical components that do require service and cleaning beyond the lamp and housing. We strongly recommend calling a local repair technician to help with these problems. Your TV manufacturer should offer phone support to troubleshoot issues with their products if you need assistance with a newer model.
  3. If you heard a POP sound while your TV was on and the screen went dark it is likely that you can simply replace the old bulb with a new one and you will be all set.
  4. Lamps should be changed while wearing clean gloves. Avoid touching the front glass part of the lamp as the oil from your skin will cause the glass to get hotter and shorten the life of your new bulb.
  5. Do not force the replacement lamps into your TV. The lamp should slide in and secure relatively easily.
  6. DO NOT over-tighten screws.
  7. Do not move projector while lamp is still hot. Give the TV at least 30 minutes to cool down before replacing your DLP bulb.
  8. Avoid frequent on/off cycles with your TV. Bulbs last much longer when they are left on for longer periods of time. This is also true for all Planet Bulb products, not just DLP lamp.