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4-Multi Color (Red,Green,Yellow,Blue) LED Holiday Rope Light 150 Ft

  • 4-Multi (Red,Green,Yellow,Blue) LED Holiday Rope Light 150 Ft

Rope Light is a great option for outlining buildings, lighting Holiday Frames, or for wrapping around deck railings or tree trunks. Sold in 150' Bulk spools, which allows for long continuous runs, or for cutting to custom lengths.

  • Part Number: 93716
  • Brand: Reinders
  • Color: 4-Multi (Red,Green,Yellow,Blue)
  • 150' Bulk Spool
  • 1/2" Rope
  • Can be used as is, or can be cut to custom lengths - cut marks every Meter (aprox. 39.37")
  • 1" LED Spacing
  • Horizontal Mounted LEDs for even light distribution
  • 12 LEDs per foot
  • Power Draw: 0.80 watts per foot
  • LED Rope Light is NOT Dimmable
  • Maximum Run is 150 feet
  • Box Packaging
  • Includes 3 Power Cord Connector Kits and 50 mounting clips
  • Additional Accessories are available

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