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265866 RCA Projector Lamp with Housing

180 Day Warranty

  • 265866 RCA Projector Lamp with Housing

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  • About Our Lamps: These are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Lamps - Philips or Osram/Sylvania Brand lamps - inside of third party housings. These ARE NOT generic replacement lamps (commonly known as OEM Compatible). Click here to learn more about differences between OEM and OEM Equivalents.
  • Manufacturer: RCA
  • Replacement Lamp For: RCA HD44LPW134YX1, HD44LPW164YX1,HD44LPW164YX2, HD44LPW165, HD44LPW165YX1, HD44LPW165YX2, HD44LPW165YX3, HD50LPW134YX1, HD50LPW164, HD50LPW164YX1 HD50LPW164YX2, HD50LPW164YX3, HD50LPW164YX4, HD50LPW165, HD50LPW165YX1, HD50LPW165YX2, HD50LPW165YX3, HD50LPW165YX4, HD50LPW166YX7, HD50LPW167 HD50LPW167YX2, HD50LPW52 HD50LPW52YX1 HD50LPW52YX2 HD50LPW52YX3 HD50LPW62AYX2 HD50LPW62AYX2PKHD61LPW164, HD61LPW164YX1 265866
  • Alternative Name:
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 265866
  • Warranty: 180 Day Warranty
  • please do not remove the bulb from the housing, as this will void the manufacturer's warranty

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